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At Dauphin Publications we need you to tell your story, and rule society. Publish with us, publish with the best.  Your message can and will change the world.

In a world full of lies, fear, and confusion, the few control the narrative.  The few are telling the story, loud and clear.  The attempt to mind control is real, and it seems to be working. 

It is time for the researchers, fact checkers,  whistle-blowers, scientists, engineers, teachers, and all those who understand the facts and what is truthful to tell their story.  Why should we be led by crooked politicians, wizards of finance, and brain dead celebrities? Unless they understand science and what is real, ignore them.  As Buckminster Fuller said, we should be architects of our future, not its victims.  We the people with the truth and the knowledge, need to rise up and tell our story, which is worthless unless we share it.

Our story is just beginning, and only gets better.

Michael Czechowski
President and Founder

Those who
tell the stories 

rule society


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